Friday 5th August
After Asr Salah (7pm)

Chelmsford Muslim Society presents
Touch Times - Advice for the next generation
Special programme in english with Q&A session by
Mufti Arshad Sufi (from Canada)
Young Sisters also welcome (Sisters section)

Light refreshments will be provided for adults
and Pizza for the youth.

Times are tough for our young and we may be in times when holding on to iman is like holding on to hot coal as narrated in Tirmidhi. A programme has been organised for our young brothers and sisters to help give solutions inSha’Allaah. A Q&A session will also be held and a discussion on what future activities can be arranged (over Pizza!). 

Please ensure your young attend and spread the word.

Prayers Timetable

Azaan Iqama
Fajar 05:02 05:50
Sunrise 06:33
Zuhr 12:59 01:30
Asr 05:12 05:30
Magrib 07:16 07:16
Isha 08:31 08:45
Friday Prayer Time: 1st - 1:30pm, 2nd - 2:15pmView full timetable

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