Our thoughts and prayers are with our neighbours in France that lost their lives to this act of terror.

It should never have happened and effects all of us. These acts of violence are occurring in numerous countries and have effected all faiths.

Allah says in the Quran
.. Whoever kills an innocent human being, It shall be as if he has killed mankind and whoever saves the life of one it shall be as if he had saved the life of mankind. (Quran 5.3)

We will be holding a prayer and a moment of silence at 2pm on Sunday 15th November.

Prayers Timetable

Azaan Iqama
Fajar 05:51 06:30
Sunrise 07:24
Zuhr 12:50 01:30
Asr 04:11 04:30
Magrib 06:06 06:06
Isha 07:29 08:00
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