Chelmsford City has had a mosque established for 30 years and the Muslims within the city are diverse coming from various backgrounds but the majority are Bengali and Pakistani.  Chelmsford Muslims consists of students from the uni, Drs from Hospitals, Professionals working in London, young and old families having lived in Chelmsford all their lives.  Plus we have a strong link and wish to continue to work with the non muslim community to give dawa.

We are keen on bringing a new Imam full of life and inspiration that will work with our youth both boys and girls and making them strong in Iman to fit in the society. We want a knowledgable brother that can provide wisedom and direction to those around him so the community can grow in a positive manner.

This is a high profile position and requires someone to be gentle and tactful in their role but yet firm in their conviction.
Chelmsford is growing diverse community and we want an Imam to be able to think in a diverse way and be able to grow and feed that feeling and push our community forward.

If you feel you can meet this challenge please get in touch. The reward will be immense InshAllah in this life and the hereafter.


  • Alim
  • Hafiz
  • Hanifi


  • PGCE + Teaching experience

Islamic Education

  • Good knowledge of Islamic Shari’ah, Quran/hadith (to tafsir level)
  • Properly rehearsed in Fiqh (with good experience with contemporary issues that relate to present day UK society)
  • Ability to give motivational Khutbas
  • Teaching
  • More then basic understanding in Christianity and Judaisim and other modern religions


  • Good or excellent oratory skills with experience of tasks such as khutbas, lectures, public speaking events, conferences etc


  • Experience implementing fiqh in counselling
  • Family / youth Issues
  • Couples / Marriage issues
  • Janaza


  • Experience with Non-Muslims (using hikma in approach)
  • Experience in dealing with first and second generation Muslims
  • Experience in dealing with Immigrant Muslims


  • Work with other faith communities i.e Christians and Jews and other faiths in the area. Also work with none-faith communities, other public organisations i,e local police liaisons, hospitals, social services, schools etc
  • Organising fiqh/dawah circles for males and females of all ages
  • Working with different ethnicities
  • Giving advise to Madresah Committee on madresah structure and syllabus.


  • Working closely and in harmony/unity with the Management Committee and Community


  • Must dedicate majority of time in community/masjid
  • Leading prayers
  • Teaching (fiqh, quran, dawah)
  • Inter faith / public organisations (schools, police, hospitals etc)
  • Youth programs
  • Womens/Sisters programs
  • Counselling
  • Nikah
  • Janaza

Imam should be ambitious to take community to next level by constantly looking at ways the masjid (and islam as a whole) can appeal to all members of the community - both muslims and non-muslims.

Research orientated to continuously look up fiqh and contemporary issues

Salary and Benefits

  • To be discussed and Negotiated based on experience.

Apply Now

  • Please send your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. or Contact Chelmsford Mosque Secretary.

Vacancy Closing Date : 31st October 2015

Prayers Timetable

Azaan Iqama
Fajar 05:51 06:30
Sunrise 07:24
Zuhr 12:50 01:30
Asr 04:11 04:30
Magrib 06:06 06:06
Isha 07:29 08:00
Friday Prayer Time: 1st - 1:30pm, 2nd - 2:15pmView full timetable

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