Syllabus covers: Quran Recitation with Tajweed

  • Islamic studies covering fiqh, aqaidh, seerah and Islamic History
  • Memorisation of Surahs, Salah and Masnoon Duas
  • Translation of  Surahs, Salah and Duas

Syllabus based on Safar Academy’s new edition 2013 with three ability groups

Boys taught in an Islamic environment by experienced teachers.

Girls taught by qualified Hafiza and Aalimahs

In 2013 we had an overhaul of the whole system to bring our services up to date.  Our Madrasa classes are forward thinking Islamic place of knowledge.   The classes provide a truly wide range of Islamic courses covering the depth knowledge to understand and carry Islam as a complete way of life in modern days, In Sha Allah.

We aim to build a reputation for excellent all inclusive Islamic atmosphere for learning and we focus on enriching, empowering our youngsters with knowledge from the Quran and Sunnah.  This will enable Muslims to be a guardian and to play an active and positive part in their communities without diluting the thoughts and values of Islam.
Over the years much progress has been made.  At present we are providing segregated education to more than 100 boys and girls.  Our qualified and experienced teachers teach Islam in a fully engaging and practical manner.
We follow the newly launched syllabus in 2013 of As-Saffar Academy which covers fiqh, aqaidh, history, seerah and Quranic reading with Tajweed.  The syllabus has been divided into six years covering all subjects in each year. 
Each child is given a text book, a workbook, Tajweed guide and a memorising book.
The Islamic Studies programme not only deals with the everyday aspects of rituals, worship and etiquettes but also focuses on a wider range of topics such as having good conduct, caring for community and environment and teaches Islam as a holistic way of life, being able to adapt to the modern world without compromising beliefs and actions. 
In order to help bring this into the students we have allocated tim within assembly where discussions take place regarding items which relate directly to the youths today. 

For more information email or Contact

  • Imam Sahib : 01245 261563
  • Brother Motti Rahman : 07973558443
  • Brother Ahsan Raja : 07814500900

Children are admitted from the age of 5

Classes run at weekends from 9:30am till 12pm

School holidays extra classes run on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday