Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

Chelmsford Muslim Society is a registered Charity 1139707. A small mosque was built in the eighties but cannot provide the needs for the rapidly growing Muslim community. Due to shortage of space the mosque has to holds two Jummah and four Eid prayers to accommodate over 500 people. There are no suitable places ladies in the community to gather community events. Hence there is a dire need to accommodate the growing community and provide better facilities for ladies and the youth in a friendly surrounding with car parking facilities. Also the mosque has no funeral facilities.

A suitable building for a islamic community centre has been identified. This facility will include:

o Social events for Sisters, families and Youth
o Funeral and Bereavement Services
o Interfaith meetings, school and community visits
o Sports and health care facilities and much more.
It has more than 98 Car Park Spaces.

We have now purchased this building at an agreed price of £2.35m. The contract has been exchanged and we have paid the owner £2.1m. All this was raised with the help of our local Muslim community. However we now urgently require the remaining £250,000 by end of January 2020 to complete the deal

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated by the community forever. Please donate or give qarade hasna (forms attached below for qarde hasna and gift aid) so that we can avoid getting a loan.

For any additional information contact:
Tel 07570 979200

o Chelmsford Muslim Society-new building account o HSBC
o Sort code 40-17-08
o Account number 32347911

Jazakallah khair
Mohammed Nawaz, Chairman

Dear All,

The Centre was publicly and commercially advertised for sale a year ago and we faced competition from developers.

Chelmsford Muslim Society have acquired the Hampton Sports and Leisure centre for over £2m and we have reached our target. Our plans are to continue to use the premises as a community and leisure facility for all members of the community of Chelmsford.

The Muslim community have been in Chelmsford City Centre and surrounding area for over 40 years working peacefully and in cohesion with all the community that we live in. There is a need within the WHOLE community for a place to provide facilities for social gatherings, health and fitness and services for the young people and elderly. This is a vision the local community believed in and have put their hard earned money into. We are a non-profit organisation and all profits will be reinvested into the centre and community.

Hamptons Sports and Leisure Centre already has much of what we would like to do with the building and will remain as Hampton Sports and Leisure . We plan to use two rooms for daily prayers.

Eid Prayers will be in the Main Hall which happens twice a year and the traffic level would be similar to a wedding function that we already hold at the venue during current hires. We plan to also provide food and entertainment during those days and this will be open for everyone and something we’ve been wanting to provide for some time.

We will continue to provide Squash, Tennis, Health and Fitness Activities, Rooms for hire and we welcome business venture ideas. We also plan to invest in an online booking system to make hiring easier and faster. Additional services we are looking to add is a Café and Youth club for the Gt Baddow residents. All of the services are open to the public.

The aim of the centre will be as a Health and Fitness centre and we will be removing the license as part of this process. We will however be honouring bookings that have been made by residents.

We are asking for the help and continued support of the local community so that Hampton can remain as a place in the heart of the community as it always has been.

Kind Regards

Ayman Syed

General Secretary